Metal Detector Travel Compact - Plus MTC Smartphone App

The new MTC POCKET PRO - 3 new Technologies


A compact treasure hunter of the next generation. The newly developed sensoric-concept with Find-Identification in combination with the Bluetooth communication of the MTC POCKET PRO opens up new directions. Convince yourself ! 



Many years of research and development by the company Picosens GmbH have resulted in the creation of new functionality. The inductive sensoric of the MTC POCKET PRO stands out not just through its small size and sensitivity. The Detector delivers for the first time, exact Find-Identification via the Target Signature.



In the professional mode with the Smartphone App, the full range of services incl. an Expert Mode are available. The Android App is available for free. on Googles Play.Store !



The communication between MTC POCKET PRO and a Smartphone via Bluetooth enables possibilities never seen before.




The innovative technology of the MTC POCKET PRO enables hidden objects through Find-Identification to be visualized. Worthless objects no longer need to be unearthed.

With the Smartphone App specific objects and materials can be sought. For this the integrated Target Signatur Detection is employed.

For the user, many other functions are available, with or without a Smartphone.

Zero Ground Effect button allows at the touch of a button any ground effects to be simply hidden without affecting sensitivity.

By the way: This Detector need not be swept over objects in order to search or analyse materials. All measurements are evalued statically. This results in extremely accurate Pin Pointing.

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Compact Design

The MTC Pocket Pro is so small it fits in any glove compartment or trouser pocket. You can take your MTC everywhere you go.

Optical and Acoustic Target location

Simple Target location with 2 color LED indication and optional acoustic tone. Tone can be turned off in the Smartphone App.

Battery holder for 3 x AAA

The compact Battery holder for 
3 x AAA Alkaline Batteries or
3 x AAA NiMH rechargeables.

Only 2 Buttons! - Simple operation

Just 2 buttons are all that are required for On/Off, Ground or Material hiding, new calibration and sensitivity setting.


Many years of research and development by the company Picosens GmbH have resulted in the creation of new functionality. An important element is the VENTUS coil system and the specially developed AIS-Elektronic.

What´s special about the VENTUS search coil in comparison to typical metal detectors is the common symetrical axis of the sent and received magnetic fields by simultaneous inductive separation. This effective coil principle leads to significantly higher ranges. The signal handling high performance Nano-Edge processor evaluates the AIS-Algorithmn, controls the hardware and the Bluetooth communication.

In Stand-Alone operation an Object-Find is both optically and acoustically signalized. In Professional operation with the Smartphone App, the whole performance spectrum is available including an Expert-Mode.

Further more in the Download area you will find the User Manual, the Free Smartphone App and a link to our YouTube Channel.

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For Android Smartphone Devices from Version 4.0

The MTC POCKET PRO App software creates a brand new experience in metal detecting. Painting a picture of the ground beneath your feet, with its simple and intuitive user interface. Finding and precise identification of metal objects has never been so easy.

The Smartphone App for Android Systems is made available for FREE

Download direct from Google.Play Store

Smartphone App Features

Realtime Signature Display

This first App screen shows the Target Vector Signature instantly in Realtime.

Probability Display

This screen shows which already saved signature is the most probable material for the actual Target.

Configuration Menu

The configuration menu provides access to all the available and individually settable options.

Target Signatures 

Up to 16 Target signatures can be saved. Together with names and a Target Photo.

Orange/Blue area

This option allows for the setting up of the LED color indication for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals. Orange for Non-Ferrous, Blue for Ferrous.

Google Maps Location

Every Discovery can be saved with a GPS coordinate and be viewed directly in Google Maps.

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# The MTC Pocket Pro is pre-configured for use without a Smartphone !                 
You can start detecting immediately !


Target Signature Detection

Find-Identification of hidden objects in the ground. The correlation of an Object and its Inductive Signature is graphically presented on the Smartphone.

Save Target Signature

Enables the creation of a database containing Object Photos and detected Signatures.

Continuous Pin Pointing

The detector despite its high sensitivity need not be swept from side to side.

Zero Ground Effects

Eliminates ground effects without any loss in sensitivity.

Expert Mode

E.g. Level of ground hidding(discrimination), special signaling for selected Objects or Materials and further freely settable detector parameters.

Google Maps

All saved Discovery find locations can be seen immediately on Google Maps.

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